OptimallyMe: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Innovative UX/UI Design

United Kingdom
(Started in June '22)
What was done
Custom web and mobile app design, admin panel development


TopUX was entrusted with the monumental task of bringing OptimallyMe to life, a groundbreaking health tech platform. At its core, OptimallyMe sought to empower users to make data-driven decisions about their health by seamlessly integrating blood and DNA test results with smart devices, all while offering a holistic view of their health and lifestyle improvements. The platform's vision was to bridge the gap between health data and everyday wellness choices, making it accessible and actionable for everyone.With a commitment to innovation, OptimallyMe sought to create a unique and unmatched user experience in the healthcare industry. And TopUX, renowned for excellent UI/UX design, accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication, delivering a seamlessly integrated platform that empowers users to take a data-driven approach to their health.

The challenge

While the client had laid the UX foundation, the TopUX Team was entrusted with the task of redefining every aspect of the user journey. This encompassed diverse features like biological DNA tests, cholesterol assessments, hormone analysis, personalized food intolerance checks, custom diet plans, real-time skin analysis using the "MirrorMirror" function, effortless integration with exercise apps and wearables, sleep pattern monitoring, and tracking heart rate variability. This required a delicate balance of technical precision and user-friendly design to translate complex health data into an easily digestible format for users.An intuitive admin panel for creators was also essential to empower content management.

Our approach

To address this multifaceted project, we adopted a comprehensive approach structured across several key stages:
- Competitor Analysis: Extensive research was conducted to analyze competitors in the healthcare landscape, identifying strengths and opportunities to differentiate OptimallyMe's user and creator experiences.
- Information Architecture: we meticulously organized the platform's structure, ensuring intuitive navigation and streamlined access to critical health data for users and creators alike.
- Wireframes: Detailed wireframes were crafted to provide a visual blueprint for the platform's layout and functionalities, including the creator-focused admin panel.
- Wireframes: Detailed wireframes were crafted to provide a visual blueprint for the platform's layout and functionalities, including the creator-focused admin panel.
- UI Mockups: Following wireframes, we proceeded to create vivid UI mockups, infusing color, and design elements to bring the platform's appearance to life.
- Leveraging In-House Medical Expertise: Given the project's medical nature, we tapped into our in-house expertise, with one of our designers holding a degree in medicine. This unique advantage allowed us to ensure that all health-related aspects were not only accurate but also effective.
- Agile Development: we facilitated seamless collaboration with OptimallyMe's development team, managing communication and providing real-time designs for both the user interface and the admin panel. We closely monitored the development process to ensure that the design was fully realized.

Client's Feedback

OptimallyMe's founder expressed deep appreciation for the TopUX Team’s outstanding work: «TopUX effectively brought complex designs to life promptly. Communication was facilitated through Slack, offering accessibility and flexibility. Regular huddles were held to explore innovative ideas, while the team's understanding, ingenuity, and unwavering dedication solidified their position as dependable partners.»


The platform has seamlessly integrated blood and DNA test results with smart devices transforming healthcare accessibility that empowers users to monitor their health comprehensively.

Our dedication to innovation in the Healthcare industry has borne fruit in the form of OptimallyMe's remarkable success. OptimallyMe has not only met but exceeded its growth expectations. Users have embraced the platform, recognizing its value. Here's a snapshot of the outcomes:
- User Growth: Growth to 252 registered usersUser Engagement: A total of 39 users stayed active over the last week, showing consistent use.
-Gender Distribution: A gender spread of 136 male and 97 female users, indicating diverse appeal.
-Feature Engagement: High interaction rates with features like the ‘‘Self Assessment Quiz” - 140 completions, “Skin Quiz” - 9 completions, and “MirrorMirror” - 49 uses, showcase the platform's engaging content.

These figures not only underscore the platform's increasing popularity but also our ability to deliver a product that resonates with users' needs.


In a nutshell, TopUX's partnership with OptimallyMe spotlights our firm commitment to providing top-notch design services.
This collaboration is a shining example of how we can tackle complex projects in the Healthcare industry while crafting digital experiences that are not just user-centric but downright user-adorable. We're about designing interfaces that make the digital world better and have a positive social impact.

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